Designer Spotlight: Bonagrew Wicklow, IE

 Photo Courtesy of Bonagrew

Photo Courtesy of Bonagrew


From within the garden territory of Co, Wicklow where Bonagrew lies, a capsule collection of lightweight silk tweed scarves have been created, inspired by the free-spirited hardiness of this rich landscape, offering a dose of natural colour and texture to the urbanite wardrobe.

Made in Ireland, designer Olivia Cafolla, works with local textile experts whom are world renowned Irish linen and tweed weavers. These artisans take great pride in material, construction and quality.


Liffeymount - Inspired by the dark navy waters of the Liffey Head Bog. The river Liffey starts its journey here before eventually flowing through Dublin City and out into the Irish Sea.

Granite - Inspired by the the soft greys of the rounded granite Wicklow mountains. Forged some 500 million years, when the continental plates of North America and Europe collided, the land beneath the sea buckled upward. The land rose out of sea, forming the Wicklow Mountains. 

Stonecrop - Inspired by mustard yellow flower of the biting stonecrop, an evergreen perennial that covers pockets of sunny sand dunes along the Wicklow coastline.

Style Tip: This silk tweed scarf can be worn with smart tailoring or layered under a big wool coat. It can just be draped around the neck or tied.



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